Our company is established to ensure that your living areas are more enjoyable and safer and to provide this service at more affordable costs to you.

Career Structure Design Founded in 2019 By Samet SENTURK.  Samet ŞENTÜRK Born in 1987, he is married and has one daughter.  He graduated from the school of construction technician and business administration. He worked for six months at UPS logistics, in the Audit Department, and then decided to make his own profession. He has 10 years experience in the construction industry. While gaining this experience, it provided timely and quality services to many customers. 

He supervised the construction of many sites and hotels in the area of building Inspection. Within the scope of urban transformation, it has provided services to many property owners by performing risk detection operations. He also knows TS ISO en 17024 quality standard. In this context, he has given applied examinations to many construction workers and has given them training. In this context, he took practical exams for many construction workers and gave them training. 

He also organised training and seminars for Real Estate Consultants and real estate agents under his professional qualification certificate.

By setting up a firm in the UK, it aims to make its customers happy and get good references from them as well as develop its own. He wants to prove that quality services will be done on time and at affordable costs. We look forward to working with you. 

Now time to innovate ! 

Career Structure Design